Accident & Injury Claims

One of the principal areas of our practice is in claims for injuries from motor vehicle accidents and other injury cases such as “slip & fall” or “trip & fall” cases, as well as claims for injuries from defective or dangerous tools, equipment and other products.

Jerry Cronk, over his 50+ years of practice, and Lori Monlux, during her 20+ years of practice, have represented hundreds of people for compensation for bodily injures suffered in accidents of all kinds. Of course, the most common kind of injury accident is the car accident, but there are several variations of that besides injuries to a driver, including injuries to a passenger, to a pedestrian, bicyclist or injury to a bus passenger. We know what to do and what we are doing in these cases. We have dealt repeatedly with insurance adjusters and insurance defense lawyers so we have a good idea what each case is worth, what the obstacles are and how to get the most out of each case depending on the various circumstances of each. We are thus able to negotiate or litigate for the best possible result.

Our firm has represented and typically does represent injured persons both on a negotiation basis with insurance adjusters and in court in lawsuits for injuries. Over the years of practice we have developed forms, systems and procedures to maximize the recoveries of injured people and minimize the cost and delay. Each of our injured clients gets the full benefit of our experience — whatever level of experience here — from senior attorney to paralegal — the representation you get will be geared to that which is most beneficial and cost effective for the nature of your individual case. Jerry has authored and developed detailed and sophisticated questionnaires, memoranda and pamphlets of advice and other forms and procedures to help us completely understand the nature of our client’s injuries and explain and guide clients to get the best results in every injury case ― and also so that our clients can understand the process.

Car accident cases, along with most other accident/injury cases, also often involve insurance issues, especially issues of coverage and subrogation. Subrogation claims for reimbursement of payments made by insurers, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Labor & Industries (L&I) , Medicare and Medicaid can be quite complex, the rules differing depending on many varying circumstances. We are experienced and quite capable of navigating through these treacherous waters to get the maximum net benefit to our clients.