Civil Litigation & Appeals

This is the ultimate end, the heart and soul and the battlefield where the practice of law comes down to a final and definitive result.

Some lawyers don’t like to go to court or will back off when confronted with litigation. Experienced trial counsel is essential both in disputed matters and in drafting of documents and agreements of all kinds.

A lawyer drafting a legal instrument who has trial experience has gained a perspective of how to avoid problems by making language clear and unambiguous. Only if a lawyer has been in court and has seen how vague language can defeat the intent of the parties or how legal documents can sometimes be misconstrued by judges can the lawyer properly draw up solid, enforceable language in documents he or she is drafting.

Justice ScalesWhen a client has a claim or is threatened with a claim the client will inevitably be faced with the agonizing decision of whether to go to court or not. Many clients fail to realize that if the other side will not agree to their position or to an acceptable compromise they have only two options

  1. sue or defend a suit or
  2. give up

We have the experience and the courage to face up to these decisions and help you make a reasonable decision. This not only means the willingness and ability to take on the fiercest and wealthiest opponents ― the insurance companies and big corporations ― but the ability to beat them at their own game. Few people realize that the courtroom is about the only place in our business and economic system where the ordinary citizen has a fighting chance and a somewhat level playing field against the big boys. We have frequently taken on the big boys and beaten them. See our listing of trials and appeals here.