Contract & Sales Claims

Many other areas of law, commented upon in other sections of this web site, are also involved in what is described as “Commercial Law.”

contractTherefore, it involves both drafting of business agreements and enforcing commercial transactions. This requires a sound understanding of contract and commercial law. Commercial law centers mainly around law and rules for sales of goods, equipment, vehicles and other movable property and arrangements for securing the performance of such transactions. To be competent in this area we have become conversant with the provisions of the Washington Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and have had experience in actual cases involving these principles.

Another aspect of commercial law involves the law of warranties. In the sale of goods (such as automobiles, appliances, equipment, etc.) there are both express and implied warranties that a seller or manufacturer is responsible for standing behind. We have often been involved in cases of breach of warranty, where the seller or manufacturer tries to duck out of its duty to honor its warranties. These can be very technically complicated and challenging cases. Among the weapons available are the UCC, the Lemon Law and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Not many lawyers are conversant in these areas, but we are.