Leases – Rent & Eviction Disputes

Landlord and Tenant law involves several aspects of landlord-tenant transactions. We have experience and ability in each of these.


  1. Drafting of leases and rental agreements
  2. Evicting tenants who fail to pay rent or violate the terms of the tenancy
  3. Enforcing rent claims

Drafting leases and rental agreements is something we can do with thoroughness and efficiency from computerized lease forms that we have developed over the years from the many leases that we have been asked to draw up or to review or revise. But it is never the case that a lawyer can just blindly fill in the blanks on a pre-printed boilerplate form because every property, every landlord-tenant relationship, every transaction has its own unique features and requirements that have to carefully crafted into each lease. This is the kind of care and thought that we put into every lease we draft, tailor-made to our client’s needs

Eviction of non-paying tenants is another area in which we have experience. This is called “unlawful detainer.” There are different laws pertaining to residential tenants, commercial tenants and mobile home tenants. We are familiar with the rules and procedures for each. We also have worked with the Sheriffs of King County and Snohomish County in carrying out the final steps in evictions.